Landmarks of the Human Body

Reference points located by visual inspection, palpation, or computer assistance, that are useful in localizing structures on or within the human body.

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Landmarks on the body are areas where the bone is at the surface. The landmarks are used to find forms and to measure proportion. With the help of our new 3D skeleton friend, in this episode we learn all the important landmarks of the body.

High Resolution Diagram -

Centerline of the Front
Centerline of the Back
Lateral landmarks of the Front
Lateral landmarks of the Back
The Limbs

Full List of Landmarks:
Temporal Line, Nasal, Zygomatic, Mandible, Acromion Process, Clavicle, Manubrium, Sternum, Costal Cartilage, 10th Rib, 7th Cervical Vertebra, Spine of Scapula, Medial Border of Scapula, Vertebrae, Iliac Crest, ASIS, PSIS, Pubic Bone, Sacrum, Tailbone, Olecranon, Lateral Epicondyle of Humerus, Medial Epicondyle of Humerus, Ulnar Furrow, Styloid Process of Ulna, Styloid Process of Radius, Phalanges, Greater Trochanter, Patella, Lateral Epicondyle of Femur, Medial Epicondyle of Femur, Lateral Condyle of Tibia, Medial Condyle of Tibia, Tibial Tuberosity, Head of Fibula, Curve of Tibia, Lateral Malleolus, Medial Malleolus, Calcaneus, 5th Metatarsal

Pose photo sets -


models - Chanon Finley, Aaron Simunovich, Yoni Baker

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